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Use your smart phone, GoPro or tablet to capture video of yourself in action. Once captured, send the video to a coach of your choice.

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An Invitation to Players, Coaches,
& Parents from Trent Dilfer
Now Available!
The QB Architecture Training Series

Trent Dilfer has packaged a lifetime of knowledge about the QB position and for the first time ever is making his instructional series available to the world in an innovative video format captured at AT&T Stadium, home of the Dallas Cowboys.
Aspiring QB’s of all ages, coaches at all levels, and parents now get inside access to the knowledge that was previously only available from Trent in professional QB war rooms, behind the scenes on the TV set, or at the Elite 11 Finals.

Included in the Series
  •  QB Architecture Series for Players
  •  QB Architecture Series for Coaches
  •  Premium Drills Series                        
  •  Tips: The Eye Series
  •  Over 60 total segments of elite instruction from Trent!
Available exclusively through eCoach
Anytime, Anywhere from any mobile device or online

ESPN Football Lead Analyst, 14 year NFL Veteran
Super Bowl Champion QB with the Baltimore Ravens, Pro Bowl Selection
6th Overall Pick of the 1994 NFL Draft
Head Coach and Lead Instructor – Elite 11, Digital Coach advocate

How it Works

Welcome to a New Brand of Coach

Welcome to The Phil Dawson Edge

Now Available!
Phil Dawson’s Kicking Series

Phil Dawson is on a mission to bring the coach and kicker together. Far too often the kicking game is overlooked in the game of football. Phil has enjoyed a near 20-year career, setting and breaking records along the way, and while he is still playing for the San Francisco 49ers, he is already looking to the future. Through these tips and drills athletes and coaches everywhere can train like the pros. Looking for more? Signup under The Phil Dawson Edge on eCoach and connect directly with the Pro Bowl kicker himself. Get started now!

Included in the Series
  •  Free Introduction Series                        
  •  Between The Ears Information
  •  Professional Kicking Tips                        
  •  Professional and Unique Kicking Drills
  •  Invitation to work directly with Phil through eCoach
Available exclusively through eCoach
Anytime, Anywhere from any mobile device or online

  •  Top 10 all-time in NFL history for field goals made
  •  Holds the Cleveland Browns record for most consecutive field goals (29)
  •  Holds the Cleveland Browns record for most field goals in a game (6)
  •  Current Placekicker for the San Francisco 49ers

About eCoach

eCoach is a New Brand of Coach. We connect athletes of all ages and skill levels to experts in their respective sports through state-of-the-art video analysis coaching tools. eCoach provides ongoing relationships through athletic performance improvement content and services regardless of time and location. Video coaching in the palm of your hand!

Competing in a now global world of sport, the bar continues to rise for athletes, and therefore we’ve raised the bar in coaching. eCoach was founded by a team of elite coaches, professional athletes, and parents of amateur athletes desiring to be a conduit of change in the world of coaching, and helping athletes achieve their personal best.