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I’m a young kid, and the NBA Coaches coach the most Advanced players in the world, is eCoachBasketball right for me?

Absolutely. eCoachBasketball has content for all levels of players: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. A lot of the NBA Coaches have young kids so they know what you need to work on. Now that you bring that up, some videos of the coaches teaching their kids would be pretty cool

On What devices can I watch the eCoachBasketball Tips & Drills?

You can login to your account and watch videos on any iOS device. More devices coming in 2018!

How many videos are there in an eCoachBasketball Subscription?

There are well over 100 videos in the initial eCoachBasketball launch with new videos being added every Week!!

That’s a lot of video content. Will I get lost?

Very unlikely. The videos are organized by topic (Dribbling, Shooting & Finishing, Post Play, etc) as well as by NBA Coach.

You can also Search by Key Word and Favorite videos and collections to easily come back to later.

Is eCoachBasketball for players or coaches?

BOTH!! The library of videos includes Tips & Drills for Individual Improvement as well as Tips, & Drills and Plays for teams.

I get all of this for just $6.99 a month?

Yes. Also, in the eCoachBasketball iOS app you get a Self Evaluation Recording Tool to Record, and Critique your own game with state-of-art Drawing tools and Voice Over. Just like you see on TV!

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