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Where can I purchase premium Tips and Drills?

You can access and purchase tips and drills HERE!

What if I play multiple sports?

That’s great! If you would like to join multiple Academies, you can do so within your profile page. Click on “Change” to the right of your Team to navigate through all of your academies or to join a new one.

What is an academy?

An academy is our way of grouping coaches by sport, position, level, and more. Most academies are single businesses with their own coaching staff. eCoach’s premium academies are individuals and businesses that have been accredited by eCoach.

What happens if I create a new academy?

We love new academies! An eCoach representative will be made available upon request to discuss our academy offerings.

What if I don’t have an academy yet?

No problem! Without an academy you can still use many app functions. You can join an academy whenever you’re ready to start sending your training videos to a coach and gaining additional access to our content libraries.

Is the eCoach App available for iOS only

Yes, currently eCoach is only available in the iOS App Store. However, an eCoach Player/Viewer App is available for multiple operating systems through their respective stores. These Apps will allow you to view tips and drills purchased through the eCoach Video Store.

How do I connect with a coach?

To connect with a coach, go to the Lessons tab of the app located under My Locker. Click “New” to select your coach and start a conversation with him!

How do I invite my own coach

To invite your own coach, select the “Invite My Coach” button during the registration process. If you want to invite your coach at a later time, recommend that they download the App and set up their own academy. Once established, you can join their academy from your Profile Page.

How do I send my coach a message or video?

Under the My Locker tab, you will find the Lessons section. This is where you will send and receive messages and videos. To do this, start a conversation with a coach by clicking “New”, find the coach you are looking for and send a message or video just as if you were texting on your iPhone.

Where do I go for technical assistance?

For all technical assistance, access the eCoach support team through the “Help” section of the App located in the top left corner of the Videos tab. Fill out all of the questions being asked as each of them are equally important and are helpful to the eCoach support team to locate and fix the issue you are experiencing.

How do I sync my GoPro?

After clicking on the Camera function of the App located in the middle of the tool bar, you will see the GoPro icon located in the bottom right of the screen. After clicking on the icon, the App will take you through the necessary steps needed to sync your GoPro.
For additional help access several informative tutorial videos through the Support link located in your Profile Page.

eCoach seems to be frozen/is quitting on me. How can I fix it?

The first thing you should try in attempting to fix this issue is restarting the app. You can do this by double clicking the home button (the bottom middle physical button on the iPhone) and then sliding the app out of the top of the screen. Lock your phone for a few seconds and then try reopening it. Additionally, keeping your locker clean of unnecessary videos will be very helpful. If you are storing videos that you are no longer using for improvement or have already been shared through the Lessons tab, then go ahead and delete them for best use of the App.
If this is unsuccessful contact eCoach through the “Help” section of the app and inform us of your issues.

How do I delete videos?

To the right of each video being stored in the Videos tab, there are three dots. Click on them and you will have access to several tools, one of them being “Delete.”

What sports are on the eCoach app?

eCoach can be used for any and every sport and activity. Being able to access your coach digitally gives you a leg up on your competition. If the sport you are seeking to register under is not listed, sign up under “OTHER SPORT” and contact eCoach.

How can I import videos that were recorded outside of my eCoach app?

If you have recorded videos on your iPhone or iPad outside of the eCoach App, the process of importing those videos is very simple. To do this click “Add” in the top right of the Videos page and then click Camera Roll. From there, choose the video(s) you would like to upload followed by clicking on the check sign.

Who can access my shared videos?

Whoever you share your video(s) with through the eCoach App will be able to view and analyze the content you have shared. At the present time, no one can download training or coached videos from the App to their device’s Camera Roll for privacy and security reasons.

Can I access my eCoach account through the web

Yes. You can access your eCoach account through any Apple mobile device and/or through any device that has access to the web as each academy you register under has their own unique URL.

When do I pay for a video lesson?

When an athlete submits a video to his coach through the Lessons tab, a charge will be made to their iTunes account. The athlete will be notified of this charge and asked to confirm the charges before they are made. You may also purchase lesson packages at your coach’s academy or through your eCoach on-line locker.

When will my coached up video be returned?

You can expect to receive a fully coached up video from your coach within seventy-two (72) hours of its submission. Most coaches will return your coached video much sooner however. If you have not received your video within such time, contact eCoach immediately.

Are there best practices for shooting my training video?

When you click on the camera function of the App, we set your FPS rate to 720/30. For best use, we recommend not going above 720/60 as the file sizes will begin to increase along with the FPS rate.

Where can I change my password?

To change your password go to your Profile Page and click “Change” to the right of your password. An email notification will be sent upon your completion of this action.

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